Get trained in Soul-based Coaching techniques

We hold space, and create the river banks

for the natural flow of transformation. 

Supporting that flow,

guiding it with a light touch.

while offering steady ground.

The transformations that happen are magical and very practical at the same time.

Here is how you can learn to do this too:

Holding Space+

A great place to start, is to join our free online workshop. Here you discover how you can root yourself in soul, in deep trust. What holding the river banks for your (future) clients means. Find out how you can support people by not trying to fix them. And what difference that makes. Welcome a whole new perspective on coaching. Read more here.

Masterclass Essential Coaching Questions

If you want to get your feet in now, this, two-hour online masterclass lets you tap straight into essence for your (future) coaching clients. These questions enable quick and aligned shifts. They take your clients beyond their logical minds, into the fabric of their soul, without you having to know their answers. Read more here.

Invoke Your Client’s Magic – Soulbased Coaching Certification Program

This program offers you everything you need to become a Certified Soul-based Coach. A comprehensive, online, live taught program with an in-depth approach. With it, you can offer your (future) clients easeful real-life transformations, based on their deepest knowing, their soul-wisdom. Read more here.

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